Amateur Transplants - Unfit to Practise (Second Album)

Amateur Transplants - Unfit to Practise (Second Album)

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Amateur Transplants' second studio album, the revolting follow-up to Fitness to Practice.

Pedants will note that 'Practise' is correctly spelled in this album, unlike the error made in 'Fitness to Practice'. They will also note that the CD runs for 39 minutes 28 seconds, and contains 30 main tracks, and 2 bonus tracks.

Hopefully they will now stop emailing us about the Practice/Practise debacle.

Track listing:

1-Masochism Tango 2008 // 2-Anaesthetist's Hymn // 3-Sheila's Wheels // 4-Finals Fantasy // 5-Beautiful Song // 6-King of the Dead // 7-New Man Song // 8-Libel Case // 9-Paediatrics // 10-Information Technology // 11-Department of Surgery // 12-Respiratory Clinic A // 13-Respiratory Clinic B // 14-Urology Clinic A // 15-Urology Clinic B // 16-Nutrition Clinic A // 17-Nutrition Clinic B // 18-Sleep Studies // 19-Psychiatry // 20-Gynaecology // 21-Phobia Medicine // 22-Well Man Clinic // 23-Learning Difficulties // 24-Geriatrics // 25-Medical School Finance // 26-Medical School Admissions // 27-Couples Counselling A // 28-Couples Counselling B // 29-Couples Counselling C // 30-Couples Counselling D // 31-I Am What I Am [Bonus track] // 32-London Underground - Jamming version [Bonus track]